This is my first real attempt at creating a playable game. I am creating it mainly as a way to test scripts and resources, balance gameplay, and get a good handle on the software. I do intend it to be fun to play, but I'm pretty much throwing away any attempt at being serious in regards to story.

The base story is as follows;

You are an unnamed Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, summoned by the sith Emperor to do his work. It turns out that the empire has begun exploring an uncharted area of the universe, one populated by all manner of strange and powerful creatures. The emperor has received intelligence from his scouts that there are people on these planets which can capture these beasts and use them to do battle with on their behalf, the greatest of them being a shadowy figure known only as Bill.
You are tasked to go down to the world Bill is thought to be on and either persuade him to join the Emperor's cause, or kill him and take his secrets; you both lean towards the second option. You are expected to make use of whatever resources you find/steal on these worlds and recruit/enslave whomever it takes to accomplish your goal.

Theme: Star Wars meets Pokemon/Super Smash Bros and a bit of Final Fantasy/D&D sprinkled about for variety. Want it to have a sort of Super Mario Bros RPG feel, a light and fun homage to the games it references.


Player Characters

Name World Notes
Mandalorian** Main Character Fighter (Ranger), He should be able to use virtually every weapon he wants.
Kirby W1 Poketopia Mage (Mimic), Learns a wide variety of abilities, mimics pokemon skills, can wear armors to change appearance.
Mewtwo W1 Poketopia; Mt. Doom Mage (Psychic), Powerful Psychic damage dealer
Yoshi BZ1 Primal Land Fighter/Healer, Attacks using dinosaur abilities, heals with different Eggs.
Black Mage W2 Corneria Mage (Blaster), Super powerful mage, has a level 80- attack Hadouken!
Dracula BZ2 Castlevania
Ganondorf W3 Hyrule Rogue (Assassin, Warlock), Specializes in assassination type attacks, debuffs.
Bowser W4 Mushroom Kingdom Fighter (Heavy), uses two handed weapons and fire breath attacks. Massive Strength
Luigi W4 Mushroom Kingdom Fighter/Mage, uses dark fireballs, dark force and mirrors of Mario maneuvers. Bonus character, only possible if convinced to join the dark side.

Supporting Characters

  • Star Wolf - Needed to get past the Asteroid belt, comes in as a pilot
  • Wizrobe - Sells magical items and junk on the ship?
  • Thief - Sells ridiculously priced weapons and armor, can cut the price somehow… Maybe by out-talking him.
  • Dr Wiley - Crafts robotic help for you.


World 1 - Poketopia

Lvl 1-20
Actors: Kirby, Mewtwo
Enemies: Assorted Pokemon

Bonus Zone 1 - Primal Land

Lvl 10-15
Totally optional jungle planet. Capture and enslave the dreaded Yoshisaur!
Actors: Yoshi
Enemies: Dinosaurs

World 2 - Corneria

Lvl 20-40
A mashup of classic RPG's; Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior, Chrono Trigger
Actors: Black Mage, Heal Slime, Thief (Support)
Enemies: Slimes, Dragons etc.

Bonus Zone 2 - Castlevania

Lvl 30-45
Actors: Dracula
**Enemies:* ???

World 3 - Hyrule

Lvl 40-60
Based on the Zelda world
Actors: Ganondorf, Wizrobe (Support)
Enemies: Zora, Gorons, Octaroks etc.

Mini-Zone - Star Fox

Lvl 50-65
This is necessary to obtain Star Wolf to pilot the Centurion 1 into Mushroom Kingdom Space as there is a heavy asteroid field blocking the way. Star Wolf is found in an escape pod in Hyrule, having recently been shot down by Star Fox. He will aid the party if they help him get his revenge on Star Fox, and especially Slippy the Toad.

World 4 - Mushroom Kingdom

Lvl 60-80
Actors: Bowser, Luigi,

Bonus Zone 3 - Mega Man

Lvl 75-85

World 5 - Star Wars

Lvl 80-90



Weapon Used By Notes
Special Weapons
Hammer Brother's Golden Hammer Anyone (Can use ability Rock Smash when in inventory to clear obstacles)