Ultimate Swordsman

This is something I've sorta been tossing around a bit for the last couple weeks. It's going to be my first game in my old World in Conflict setting, which revolves around a budding world war originating from a border war between the nations of Ossia and Grandia. The main character is the stereotypical orphan raised in the community of Azure Peak in Ossia. His parents were two great heroes involved in stopping the Tarrasque from rampaging through Ossia. They named their son Eoin, in honor of one of their comrades Eoin Cross, but had to leave him at the age of 3 when they were called away to help stem a planar invasion and haven't been heard from since. Young Eoin grew up as a typical child in the area, and as time went on became more and more infatuated with the art of combat. He doesn't know it yet, but he possesses an innate magical talent with weaponry which is referred to as Blade Magic (Heavily based on the sword sage class from Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords).
The main game mechanic to this game is the main character's Blade Magic, which takes the form of four stances he can adopt. These stances each have a different skillset which go along with them, and the character's appearance will change to represent the stance he has adopted.
A secondary game mechanic which I want to play with is time travel, a la Chrono Trigger style. This won't be an aspect of the game until later on however, once Eoin is reunited with his parents and the Plane Warping Chronomage. I plan on using time travel primarily as a means of removing obstacles to advance the story (i.e. preventing a past orc invasion to allow access to a now-Ossian controlled stronghold), but there should be optional flavor missions. Time travel will be restricted to the present day, and hopping back to Eoin's parent's past.
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Blade Magic Stances

Eoin can switch his stances on the fly, whether in battle or out in the wild, although it takes a turn to do it in battle. Each stance will have several moves which can be used out of battle to solve puzzles, heal, revive etc. Stances will have special moves that can be learned via optional side quests, so each stance will develop only as much as the players wishes to.
Mechanic Notes: This effect is achieved by having one common event; Stance Change. The first four switches will be to represent the stances themselves, when the event calls for a stance change it will; Forget all moves from other stances, learn all appropriate moves for the current stance, turn all other stance-switches off and turn the proper stance switch on, and change main character's appearance.
Blade Magic List

Desert Phoenix: A fast, damage causing stance. Embodies the spirits of Fire and Air, mainly Area of Effect spells.
Special Moves: Revive, Fireslash (Cut down frozen obstacles), Heatwave (To raise temperature of the area)

Creeping Shadow: A sneaking deceptive stance, evasion, crits and debuffs. Embodies the spirits of Shadow and Nature/Beast.
Special Moves: Accuracy up, Speed Up, Backstab, Identity Change

Frigid River: A flowing acrobatic stance, balanced offence and buffs. Embodies the spirits of Water and Cold.
Special Moves: Heal, Coldsnap (To lower temperature of the area)

Stone Tower: A slow defensive stance. Embodies the spirits of Earth and Body. Mainly buffing and massive single target attacks.
Special Moves: Rock Hide (Def Up), Staglamite Stab, Fissure


Eoin: The swordsage orphan. His mother was pregnant with him during the epic struggle to imprison the tarrasque and as such he was exposed to a massive amount of planar magic. This had the effect of making him naturally in tune with the planes, and Chronally Anchored. What this means is that things can happen in the past which would change Eoin's present, but yet the timeline will attempt to compensate to preserve his future.
Todd: The Chronal-Distortion-Sensitive best friend, a Druid. Throughout the adventures he will, most times humorously, change race, gender, hair color, profession and, in worrisome moments, be removed from existence.
Kransus: Acting Elder Mage of Azure Peak, a Chronomage and Eoin's adoptive uncle. He prepares the Combatant's Trial for the aspiring mage-warriors of Azure Peak.
Bolo: A freeborn Minotaur Emancipation Agent. He is a huge fighter, but doesn't rashly charge into battle, surprisingly intelligent despite his size and brutality.
Matheld: Ex-Commander in Ossian Army. She led a platoon of Archers in the war, was overrun and lost all her troops as well as remaining captive for a few months until she was ransomed. She's haunted by the failure and her capture, thus she refuses to lead and has a few boundary issues. Excellent archer/ranger type.
Bhert Gearforge: The clockworker/alchemist dwarf of the communist city-state Ostivakia, which split from Ossia. He fights using alchemical compounds and a clockwork crossbow he designed, as well as a clockwork sniper rifle. Very steampunky design.
Khaleeb: A jubruq dark elf Wizard. Halfways insane, sort of like Deadpool in his irreverance, occasionally breaks the fourth wall.


Ultimate Swordsman Story

Quick and dirty - Finds out he has the ability to time travel, and there is another timetraveller causing havoc by sabotaging Ossia's war on Grandia. Eoin has to go back in time and fix what is being changed and confront the other chronomage, who turns out to be his own father, twisted with the corruption from a wound received by the Tarrasque and encouraged by his criminal mother. When he defeats them and restores the timeline he is ascended to the mantle of Protector of the Timeline, a minor god, and must fight Todd who is a secret agent planted by the Reclaimer Cult and sworn to kill him should he try and ascend.


Decision Switches

Where I plan to have a lot of player input determining plot there are going to be a lot of decisions, with multiple outcomes. I plan on keeping track of them here to make sure that there isn't any loose threads.

Important Switches

Switch # Switch Name Used for?
0001 Desert Stance Puts Eoin in Desert Stance, changes skills and appearance
0002 Shadow Stance Puts Eoin in Shadow Stance, changes skills and appearance
0003 Stone Stance Puts Eoin in Stone Stance, changes skills and appearance
0004 Water Stance Puts Eoin in Water Stance, changes skills and appearance
0009 Past
0010 Present
0011 Future