Survival Arcana

A group of first year students from a prestigious magic academy are accidentally teleported to the top of a wintery mountain on a deserted island. At least it's deserted at first glance… The students have to pull together and use what little resources they have to survive, find out why they were ported to the island, what the island is and get back home.
Notes: Will make heavy use of Variables to track individual team member's stats (Cooking, Hunting, Fishing etc.), during the survival portion of the game it will be broken up into days. Days will be either passed by decision, or after spending a set amount of time investigating the local area.

Playable Characters

Tukadian: Main character, a budding warmage. Uses evocation spells and can wield martial weapons and wear light to medium armor.

Shino: Lizardfolk Abjurer. Uses Abjuration/Transmutation spells to buff the party, wears heavy armor and uses large blunt weapons.

Argoth: Wood Elf Ranger/Diviner. Uses Divination spells, increase accuracy, uses ranged weapons, light armor.

Delia: Dwarven Cleric, Wears Robes, uses staffs. Party Healer.


Amonhil - Diabolist, summons devils, a second year student.

Survival Skills

Skill Used for Notes
Arcana Researching new spells, identifying lore objects
Hunting Hunting, Tracking Can also be used to scout areas

Coding Snippets


Parallel process determines Variable 0101 (Number of survivors in Camp), and Variable 0100 (Total Camp Food) at end of each day add gains from hunting/foraging checks to 0100. Beginning of next day subtract Variable 0101 from 0100. If 0100 is <0 at beginning of day, then show starvation notice. If 0100 is <0101 then a survivor dies.


Use the timer, as the player leaves start the timer. Have it set on a conditional tree. i.e. If explorer skill =1 Start Timer 5:00, If explorer skill =2 Start Timer 7:30. Once in the map have a conditional parallel process declaring that if timer <1 second, display message "Return to Camp" and start Day X. Would be good on the same process to have increments, say start snowing when it reaches 2:30 or so.

Identifying Objects

Player will loot an "Unidentified Tome X", if the player brings it to someone with a high enough arcana skill they can identify it and change it to a useful item.
If Argoth_Arcana >10 then remove Unidentified Tome X and Add Tome of Resist Fire.

Learning Spells

If Tukadian_Arcana >10 then Change Skills -> (Learn Fireball)