These are fully animated character sprites. All of them work and you are free to take them for your own use. Once I get enough made, and I figure out how to make one properly, I'll combine them into 8-sheets for easier downloading. Until then enjoy them as they are singly. When importing them into your game make sure they have the $ prefix in the filename so that RPG Maker reads the file in the correct format.

For clarification on some terms; a Frankensprite is a sprite that I made by mixing two existing sprites together.
A Tweak is a sprite that I found made for some other format, whether it's for a fighting game or RPGM XP, and I had to tweak the dimensions, facing and whatever else to get it work for VX.

I use PaintDotNet for all my editing. It's a free paint program, like a slimmed down version of photoshop. Not super complicated, but it has eraser and paint tools with anti-aliasing, which is a big help in retouching, and you can work with layers which can help line things up and great for making Frankensprites. It also has tab browsing within the program, so you can edit as many images at once as you want, big help when making 8 Character Sprite Sheets. Oh, and did I mention it's free?

Individual Charsets (Sprites)

For Individual Character Sprites, when you import them into the game they must have the $ prefix to work properly. Without it the game will try to read it as a large 8Character Sprite Sheet.

EvilNinja $EvilNinja.png Frankensprite Mixed a skeleton and Ninja UndeadNinja $UndeadNinja.png Frankensprite Again mixed skeleton and Ninja, fun to make, and I love how he turned out.
Chocobo $Chocobo.png Who doesn't love these guys? Mandalorian $Mandalorian.png The hero of my game, was an RPG Maker XP file that I downloaded a while ago, had to tweak to use in VX.
Jawa $Jawa.png Another RPGM XP tweak. Original: Sithjester Stormtrooper $Stormtrooper1.png Must have RPGM XP Tweak Original: Sithjester
Kirby $Kirby.png Going to be my Mimic character, found the side views of him running, had to manually draw the front and rear views. Funnn… Pikachu $Pikachu.png Unfortunately has a tiny border of blue around him, but looks smooth running about. I'll try and clean it up later.
Blackmage %24BlackMage.png RPGM XP Tweak Original: Sithjester R2D2 %24R2D2.png RPGM XP tweak, needed to have these guys driving about.Original: Sithjester
Chicken %24Chicken.png Harvest Moon Sprite, tweaked from a weird spritesheet. Looks fine except there was no front or back view, so I had to play with it a bit. Darth Vader %24DarthVader.png RPGM XP Tweak - Special Suit of Armor that the character can find in-game, not sure what effects it'll have. Maybe it'll teach how to do Force Choke and resist laser attacks. Original: Sithjester
Chewie %24Chewie.png Not really happy with this one, probably redo him. Might look better if resized like the Large CT Stego Original: Sithjester ChronoTriggerDino %24ChronoTriggerDino.png A funny little dinosaur from Chrono Trigger, found a sprite sheet with a bunch of Sprite Rips from CT on it, takes a lot of tweaking, but they look awesome after.
Large CT Stego %24LargeCTStego.png This guy looks awesome in-game. He stands about a head taller than normal sprites, and has very little clipping because he's narrow. Very proud of him, hour well spent. Getting better at making these sprites. :)