Current Project - Patron Saint

Towering Oaks based Mini RPG

Typical dungeon crawl style adventure. Try not to get too ambitious, use this as a way to work up my programming skills.
Story follows Malchai and a lumberjack as they attempt to settle the area for Malchai's ambitious town to spring up.

Destiny of an Emperor style RPG

With the players being generals and their hit points being actual troop strengths. Combat magic skills are actually tactics, or possibly grand scale magic abilities like Tidal Waves.

Bits and Bytes

Elements that would be fun to Incorporate however possible, although not necessarily in the current game, just stuff to keep in mind

  • Elements of Dungeon Keeper, particularly humor
  • Property Ownership (Not hard to do)
  • Time Travel (Not hard to do, just need to justify storywise)

Mods To Make

Skyrim: Would like to make a town, loosely based on the town of Towering Oaks from the overseas campaign. Towering Oaks Need to figure out how to use the TES Creation Kit though. Could take some time.
Neverwinter Nights 2: Dunno what kind of mod yet, but surely can make a decent campaign on here.
Civ 5 Age of Ascension: Make a world map based around the map for my D&D campaign, maybe like a prehistory one.
Civ 5 Fantasy: Using the above as inspiration, make a modded set of rules and a campaign based on the map. Rise of Ossia or something.

Backburner RPG Maker Projects

Working Title Synopsis Notes
VGChaos: The Fall of the Mushroom Kingdom A mandalorian bounty hunter is tasked by the emperor to track down the most powerful individuals on the Nintendo universe who could be swayed to fighting for the empire against the heroes of Nintendo who have allied with the Rebel Alliance. Currently working on, progress in VGChaos Development Blog. This is my practice game, where I work out all the processes needed to make a serious rpg. Should be fun.
VGChaos 2: The Sequel for Sidekicks Play as all the underdogs of the Nintendo Universe on a massive sidemission. Maybe to rescue other sidekicks kidnapped by the Galactic Empire. Just a concept right now
Survival Arcana A group of first year students from a prestigious magic academy are accidentally teleported to the top of a wintery mountain on a deserted island. At least it's deserted at first glance… The students have to pull together and use what little resources they have to survive, find out why they were ported to the island, what the island is and get back home. Will make heavy use of Variables to track individual team member's stats (Cooking, Hunting, Fishing etc.), during the survival portion of the game it will be broken up into days. Days will be either passed by decision, or after spending a set amount of time investigating the local area.
Notebook Hero A DM with ADD is sucked into his latest D&D creation via a magical pencil. Problem is, his players don't know which one, so they have to write up characters with the magic pencil as well, and enter his work to find him. This will take place entirely in screenshots of my house, and scans of my D&D maps, with adventure points being set in different books. To navigate around the house they will need to complete scenarios to achieve keys, get grappling hooks or jump boots, gliders etc. Makes heavy use of Parallax mapping.
Unnamed Mutants and Masterminds Game Based on M&M games played by the guys Unable to start until I manage to track down decent modern tilesets, objects and characters.
World in Conflict Heroes are recruited by the Ossian Military to unleash a grand weapon of mass destruction against the Grandian nation, but something terrible happens and the Heroes have to stop the destruction before it hits home. Based on a D&D storyline made up while on my first tour in Afghanistan, co-created with Sgt. Scott Stream who was tragically killed on that tour. This will be a professional game, using only non-copyright music which I have been given permission to use, same goes for art. As this all takes a while to gather, it will be some time before it takes off.