Notebook Hero

A DM with ADD is sucked into his latest D&D creation via a magical pencil. Problem is, his players don't know which one, so they have to write up characters with the magic pencil as well, and enter his work to find him. They will travel through long lost cities, tattered dungeon maps, fight off the DM's dog, and try and piece together obscure clues all in their attempt to bring back their DM so they can finish their damned game.

This will take place entirely in screenshots of my house, and scans of my D&D maps, with adventure points being set in different books. To navigate around the house they will need to complete scenarios to achieve keys, get grappling hooks or jump boots, gliders etc. Makes heavy use of Parallax mapping.


Caleb - Cleric
Mike - Rogue
John - Fighter
Bert - Wizard