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TukadianTukadian 25 Jun 2011 21:41
in discussion VGChaos Development / Ideas » Choice

I just had an idea for the Ultimate Swordsman game. I wanted it to involve a lot of choice in determing what happens in the future with time travel and whatnot, but then I just thought of something else. What if NPC's that you encounter, or situations you dealt with, were also determined via player choice? I'm thinking of how the beginning of Ultima started, where you answered questions to shape what kind of character you played, but instead in mine it will determine what kind of world you play in? A question about your best friend in real-life will determine what NPC plays your in-game best friend. A question about your favorite place to visit would determine the location of a secret item. That sort of thing. Of course I don't want every choice to have just one outcome, that's the beauty of switches.
I can have several switches as prerequiste conditions at once to make for combined answers resulting in consequences. Favorite color plus best friend equals either getting a Yellow Vest from your friend Sally or a Blue Hat from your friend Bob. It's simple enough to make a branching tree to make it happen.

Choice by TukadianTukadian, 25 Jun 2011 21:41

The great Mike disaster of Nov 10, 2010, when uncontrolled lava placement begat a tremendous forest fire, nearly destroying Basin City if not for the valiant efforts of Slandinavian firefighter elcaleeb. Unfortunately Bridger's Gap fell to the flames, and little besides the signpost denoting it's previous location.
The Great Mike Disaster

TukadianTukadian 10 Nov 2010 13:43
in discussion World In Conflict / Ideas » Overview

Okay so I've got myself a good grasp on RPG Maker VX now, and I'm starting work on a test game before I launch into my World in Conflict game. While I'm doing this I'd like to use this forum to track progress, hash out ideas and take suggestions for the game. Any suggestions you have are more than welcome as it's a little overwhelming to start from scratch.

Setting: World in Conflict
Source: Loosely influenced by our game overseas

Plot: You are a young man, living in Azure Peak, and the war between Ossia and Grandia is escalating. There is a case of sabotage in the mine, and you go down to rescue your cousin. After emerging from the mine you meet Eoin Cross, a representative of the Ossian military, who heard of your exploits and wants to recruit you into the army. You undergo some "training missions" and gather members of your party before finally embarking on a quest to unleash a devastating force on the Grandian army, but there's a twist…

Player Characters
Renald: (Hero) Class:Begin as 'Hero', Can choose at the outset to the adventure whether you want to be a Sorcerer, Ranger or Fighter. Class may change later on to allow you to take a "prestige class", if I can program it right.
Eoin Cross: An Ossian soldier who wields a massive greatcleaver. Class: Fighter
Geon Sarinious: Ossian Special Forces, once a Dragoon of the order of Bahamut. He is a draconic paladin, armed with an Adamantine Spiked Chain which he refers to as the Teeth of Bahamut. Class: Dragon Knight
Trina: Class: Rogue
Tukadi: The son of Tukadian, An older wizard who was prematurely aged by an experiment in plane phasing gone awry. He is a powerful wizard, following in his father's footsteps as a war wizard of Ossia Class: Blast Mage

Overview by TukadianTukadian, 10 Nov 2010 13:43

Dynamic Avatar Appearance
One thing that I want in the game is to have the main character's avatar change based upon what he is wearing. That means that if he is wearing a set of Clone Trooper armor he should be a Clone Trooper. He should also be able to equip "costume" items in the accessory slot, such as a Ninja headband which will transform him into a ninja. There should be an effort made to make conversations differ based upon significant costume changes, and perhaps even puzzles which require a certain look to get past obstacles.

The main character should be allowed to equip virtually any kind of physical weapon obtainable, this excludes character only weapons like an upgraded ability or something. The players should have the fun of deciding to go into battle armed with Link's Sword and Han Solo's Blaster, while dressed in Clone Trooper Armor. This could also have a minor game effect as different weapons bypass different damage reductions.
I don't want many world-breaking weapons, aka Excalibur and Excalibur:The Revenge. There should be some special weapons like Han Solo's blaster which always shoots first, a Vorpal Sword, or a pair of Swordchuks. These are one-time issue weapons, found in dungeons or sidequests only, and shouldn't be that much better than normal. This way the player doesn't feel pigeon-holed into ensuring that each character has a certain weapon, give a bit of freedom to it.
Standard weapons can be found or dropped or bought, their flavor depending on the world that they occupy. For example in Poketopia the player may only be able to buy items, or possibly disposable "Pokemon Summon" balls on the black market. In Hyrule you can buy standard Fantasy fare with a Zelda flair, and in FF Corneria you can find all the standard RPG fare. Perhaps finding that one awesome item for your character might mean travelling back to a world you had already "cleared" now that you have what you need to get past a previously unaccessible obstacle. This might mean travelling back to Poketopia once you find the Bomb-Bag in Hyrule, using a bomb to blow open a secret passage to an unknown pokecave, just to grab a powerful Pokemon Summons Ball which teaches a permanent rare pokemon skill.

Should adjust to world inhabited;
Poketopia: Pokemon items (Potions, antidote, X Defend etc.), Pokemon Summon Balls, Technical and Hidden Machines,

By World

Throughout the worlds there should be very sparse Special Star Wars items, always carefully guarded. For example, one can retrieve a set of Clone Trooper armor from an elite Koopa Troopa who was commandeered it. A lightsabre could be wielded by Ganondorf's Assassin Bodyguard.

  1. Poketopia;
  2. FF Corneria;
Weapons, Armor and Items by TukadianTukadian, 10 Nov 2010 05:41