Special Thanks to;

  • Evil-Dog - Of Newgrounds, for his awesome music which helped inspire me and is being used in my games.
  • Modern Algebra - Great Scripter
  • OverClocked Remix - For a ridiculous amount of quality video game music remixes, all freely available.
  • Sithjester - For an incredible sprite gallery with a wide variety of characters. They were formatted for RMXP, but it doesn't take much to tweak them for VX use. Sithjester, you rock!
  • Aden Sickle - For his amazing Pokemon Project at RPG Maker VX Community Forums, wouldn't have been able to do it without you. All my pokemon sprites and the spritesheets I upload are tweaks of his work so that it fit into my game. The Pokemon Project at RMVX
  • Vengerin - of DeviantArt Vengerin's DA for the angry eyes on the main page.