This page is where I'm going to track expenses and any income related to the game and the Angry-Mage webring. Hopefully in the future I may get donations via something like kickstarter or my ad revenue may pick up to help pay for expenses so it's not all coming out of my pocket. Expenses will run the gamut from software purchases to commissioned art or music. I know there are a few people I can commission character portraits from for $15-$50 depending on the quality and size, so I will probably be getting art to use in my games or wikis instead of the placeholders I'm using right now.

Expense Cost Date Note
RPG Maker VX $60 September 2010 Paid out of pocket
Wikidot Pro Account (1 year) $50 6 August 2011 Paid out of pocket, allows ad revenue
Total Expenses $110
Income Amount Date Note
Adsense Revenue $23.18 Pre- 6 August 2011 What was left in the adsense account
Total Income $23.18
Current Dev Funds -$86.82