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This is largely a development blog for my RPG Maker VX projects, and other game development projects I have underway. As well I will be sharing resources that I create, and seeking input and creative suggestions for my games.
Projects - A list of the different projects I envision or wish I had the time to produce.

Project 1 VGChaos

Update: Decided to put my VGChaos game on hold for a while as I sort out my resources, too many sprites and whatnot to sort through. Going to probably reboot production after I have that all sorted out, start from a clean slate.

This is my first attempt at a game. I am creating it mainly as a way to test scripts and resources, balance gameplay, and get a good handle on the software. I do intend it to be fun to play, but I'm pretty much throwing away any attempt at being serious in regards to story.


The base story is as follows;

You are an unnamed Mandalorian Bounty Hunter, summoned by the sith Emperor to do his work. It turns out that the empire has begun exploring an uncharted area of the universe, one populated by all manner of strange and powerful creatures. The emperor has received intelligence from his scouts that there are people on these planets which can capture these beasts and use them to do battle with on their behalf, the greatest of them being a shadowy figure known only as Bill.
You are tasked to go down to the world Bill is thought to be on and either persuade him to join the Emperor's cause, or kill him and take his secrets; you both lean towards the second option. You are expected to make use of whatever resources you find/steal on these worlds and recruit/enslave whomever it takes to accomplish your goal.

Theme: Star Wars meets Pokemon/Super Smash Bros and a bit of Final Fantasy/D&D sprinkled about for variety

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